Stellar Demo SEL for Sale

Excel construction: 11.5kg - only 18 months of careful use - now reduced to £1,800.



Stellar SEL for Sale


Stellar UK’s demo SEL is now for sale. A surprisingly stable elite race boat for larger paddlers in Excel construction, gloriously fast, stiff and light at 11.5kg  Now reduced to £1,800 (New Excel Price £2915)

I’ve had the pleasure of racing this ski for 18 months, thanks to Stellar UK and Rough Water Gear and have already won a 1st and two 2nds in 2019. Always very carefully handled and looked after, on and off the water, and has no dings, no repairs, and very few scratches. She’s stiff and very fast, both on flat water and in big seas and I can vouch for the SEL’s reputation of being the most stable of the true elite skis.

Dimensions:  Length: 6.45m (21’ 2”); Beam: 43.5 cm (17.1” wide); Weight: 11.5kg; Capacity: 130kg (20 stone 6 lbs)

Contact me Ben Edom on or call me on 07860379348to ask any questions and arrange a DEMO.

Over this past year I have found the SEL to be a brilliant boat in all and any conditions. She has a long, smooth glide in the flat and easily keeps up a good long-legged pace for those calm races. When the swell gets up and the cross chop joins in, that’s when you discover how well mannered this boat is, staying stable and predictable so you can keep the power on and stay comfortable and focused to make the most of the runs. See the video clip below 21.5kph and no strokes for 60 seconds!  

With a maximum load of 130kg, the SEL is designed for the larger paddler so, despite the relatively narrow beam, there’s plenty of room in the delightfully comfortable cockpit. I’m 90kg and 6’ 2”, and there’s another good 3” / 8cm more length before the end stop. The hump is low for good leg drive, a well positioned water bottle holder that I use on every training run, a sensible, strong leash point, double venturi bailers with bullets (doubles their efficiency), and the Stellar 3-point footrest makes your leg drive as solid as doing cleans off a gym floor. It’s also  the only ski I have not needed padding to protect my coccyx!

The only tweaks I’ve made are adding the large Scotchbrite flouro patch behind the cockpit for visibility and to protect the aft deck from my paddle when it’s under the bungies, and some non-slip tape on each gunwale to grip when carrying. In the photos you’ll see the dual webbing foot-straps are bare since I’m wearing neoprene boots for the winter. I have a new pair of Stellar foot-strap pads for you for security and comfort when summer comes around!

See more info on the SEL at Stellar’s website here:

So why let this flying machine go?

Because I’m nw paddlng Stellar’s SEA / Assassin which is shorter, narrower, sharper, faster(and less stable) than even this SEL!.    Check out the new Assassin’s specs here:

Contact me Ben Edom on or call on 07860379348 to ask any questions and ARRANGE YOUR DEMO!


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